Paul Birchak
Fine Art

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A Little Piece of Heaven
Medium: Pastel
Dimensions: 17" x 23"

 Barn Swallow Lake
 Medium: Pastel
 Dimensions: 24" x 18"


Pelli's Trail
Medium: Pastels
Dimensions: 19 inches x 24 inches

Phillippe's Trail
Medium: Pastel
Dimensions: 19 inches x 24 inches

Natures Grace
Medium: Pastel
Dimensions: 19" x 24"

Peaceful Afternoon
Medium: Pastel and Acrylics
Dimensions: 18" x 24"

My paintings, drawings, and multi-medium artwork reflect extensive studies and years of teaching art in schools, art centers and in my private studios. My techniques and styles range from impressionism, to realism, symbolism and both modern and post-modern art. I highly admire the artwork of such masters as Thomas Moran, Burne-Jones,  Bouguereau, Degas, Norman Rockwell, George Inness, and Maxfield Parrish to name just a few. Using not only the brush and pallet knife, I often create my own tools. With oils, acrylics and watercolors, pastels and other medium, I set no limitation in my artwork. Thus a vast and evolving group of unique work always manifests, often well beyond preconceived ideas or inspirations. 
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